UPVC Double Glazing Perth – Redefining “Energy Efficiency” for Your Home!

Did you know, an average home loses around 10% of its heat via windows and doors? If your home comes under this category, it is a poor performer in terms of energy efficiency.

The solution?

UPVC double glazed windows and doors are undoubtedly and without parallel the best and most ecologically sustainable solution to your home’s energy efficiency problems. UPVC double glazing is highly energy efficient and helps the home regulate the inside temperature of your home. Double glazing also dramatically reduces the noise entering your home.

How It Works?

UPVC double glazed windows contain two glass sheets with a void in between. This gap produces an insulating barrier to reduce the rate at which heat leaves or enters the home. This way, you enjoy warmer winters, cooler summers and comfortable living throughout the year. Moreover, due to high energy efficiency, you save a considerable cost on your energy bills. Usually, double-glazed windows and doors use low emissivity glass. This kind of glass contains a hidden coating of the metal oxide over one of the inner panels of the glass next to the gap. The benefit of this glass lies in its capability to let light in but decrease the heat loss. Moreover, the gap in between the glass panes in double glazing is filled with a non-toxic, inert gas that is denser than air. Hence, it effectively decreases the heat loss from your home. Argon is the most commonly used gas in double-glazed windows and doors as it is colourless, highly cost-effective, inflammable and non-reactive to other gases. UPVC Double Glazing Perth provide high-quality, stylish and energy efficient double-glazed windows and doors for your homes, help to make them more energy efficient, eco-friendly and sustainable for years to come. Browse our range of styles and contact us to make an appointment.