UPVC Double Glazing Perth – Making Homes Quiet & Peaceful

Your home should be a place of sanctuary,  an environment you can enjoy and escape from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. UPVC double glazed windows and doors play a key role to ensure this can become a reality.

UPVC double glazed windows and doors greatly enhance sound insulation by building a barrier between the house and outside environment. UPVC double glazing can decrease the effect of noise by as much as 80% – or in other words, taking the 80dB noise coming from road traffic and decreasing it to the equivalent of someone talking in a library. If your home is situated along a busy road or close to a flight path UPVC double glazing can radically transform the ambience of your home.

UPVC double glazing can accommodate a range of glass thicknesses and types, enabling the windows and doors to acquire high acoustic control and capabilities. Using two layers of glazing enhances noise reduction at most of the frequencies, but by how much is also based on the space between the layers. To enhance the sound insulation, more air space between glazing units, from around 20 to 100 mm, is better.

Windows with fine weather sealing are vital for optimal sound insulation. uPVC windows and doors profiles are welded and have manifold chamber construction. These two factors, blended with the thickness of glass, deliver the finished window with outstanding acoustic insulation, reflecting sound waves before they get the chance to produce vibrations and noise. Noise reduction can improve your sleep, reduce stress, and increase the re-sale value to your home.

UPVC Double Glazing Perth provide high-quality, stylish and energy efficient double-glazed windows and doors for your home, making them quieter, safer, eco-friendly and sustainable for years to come. Browse through our range of styles and contact us to make an appointment.