Houses are going green. Is your house too?

A passive house is a robust, voluntary standard for the energy efficiency in the building, which decreases the building’s ecological footprints. Such houses make ultra-low energy buildings that need little energy for space cooling and heating.

The passive houses are mistakenly thought as expensive and beyond the reach of the ordinary Australian citizens. On the contrary, due to advanced technology and engineering, the passive houses are getting highly affordable to be within the reach of Australians as well as across the globe.

UPVC Double Glazing Perth has been striving to build eco-friendly, spacious, and elegant homes that produce amazing results in terms of energy efficiency and thermal comforts. Our premium-quality double glazed windows and doors are especially made to promote the idea of affordable, comfortable and high-performing homes in the region.

If you already have a certified passive house or planning to build the same, get more value from UPVC Double Glazing Perth in terms of passive house double glazed windows and doors, installed and fitted by the expert technicians.

 Why Double-Glazed Windows & Doors for Passive Houses?

The double-glazed windows and doors play a key role to make your homes green, resulting in a low heat loss and high heat gain possibility via solar irradiation. Most of the passive houses have double-glazed windows and frames that are well insulated to meet the thermal insulation requirement. For instance, one of our projects features a wall comprising of 32.45 square meters of uPVC double glazed windows and doors all through the north-facing kitchen and living areas, including openable fanlight windows at ceiling height for purging hot summer air. The argon filled double glazed uPVC windows achieve excellent insulation value and a solar heat gain co-efficiency (SHGC), allowing winter sunshine to penetrate but not too much solar radiation in summer.

UPVC Double Glazing Perth helps you build your dream home that will keep you comfortable for the rest of your days. Have sustainable homes and get most of the new future of affordable, sustainable living in Australia with UPVC Double Glazing Perth.